In the latest development, Yonhap reports that in addition to the CVN-70 Carl Vinson, which is expected to arrive off the South Korean coast on April 25, the CVN-76 Ronald Reagan – currently in home port in Yokosuka, Japan – and the CVN-68 Nimitz carrier group – currently undergoing final pre-deployment assessment, Composite Training Unit Exercise off Oregon – will enter the Sea of Japan next week.  According to the senior government official, the US and South Korea are discussing joint drills, which will include the three aircraft carriers and other ships.

When the Carriers arrive, which is expected around June 25th.  The US-ROK is planning to conduct a “Military Force Demonstration” in the form of military pressure on North Korea through intensive US-ROK joint training.

Currently this is the latest information we have on US naval assets.  Courtesy Stratfor.