If you have not seen the recent Berkeley protests on the news lately there is a reason.  It did not fit the narrative of the groups that are funding Antifa.  Additionally, it was a huge victory for the Alternate Right movement as they pushed back Antifa and defeated the group.

Today 4chan’s infamous board /pol/ took on the task of being the detectives for the crimes that were committed by Antifa.  It was found that the Antifa group was using U-lock bicycle locks that are made out of steel as weapons.  The crime was shown in a video posted to the /pol/ board.   Immediately users began investigating the masked Antifa suspects and began uncovering details on the suspects.

Soon they had uncovered information that had led to one of the suspects being discovered.  This information was soon relayed to the Berkeley Police department.   Now it remains to be seen if the police act on this information or sit on it much like they do when they are supposed to be protecting citizens at such protests.

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